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Map Grabber is a program that will capture maps from websites
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Map Grabber is a program that will capture maps from websites. You can tell the program to automatically capture any part of a map displayed in any web site, like Google Earth. It will ask you to enter the points that it must capture, the capture settings such as the Delays, Scrolling, Capture Screens (both vertical and horizontal) and the Output Image Settings (size, path, file format) and then will automatically scroll, capture, assemble and save the maps in a JPG, PNG or TIFF file.
The created map can be used for planning your holidays, walking, bike trips or however else you may want to use them. You can even use the created maps with your GPS. Map Grabber even allows you to use GPS Calibration when creating the maps. You can set up the X/Y data or Lat/Long for up to three points. The program can show or hide the points in the created maps.
In brief, Map Grabber is a free utility that will allow you to capture online maps automatically, for any use you wish to give to them, with or without GPS calibration.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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